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Originally Posted by Figz14 View Post
Alright cats out of the ****ing bag might as well get the story out with my fellow hfbros

So I started at 250lbs (19 years old) at 5'7/8

I've always been a fat **** and compensated it by being an ******* to everyone to make myself feel better.

I was out one night with a group of my friends and we went karaoke and we took photos. I go on the computer later on to see the photos and see a ****ing whale next to a girl.

That's the moment I realized I needed to do something and I went at it since going off and on (on for about 6 months now).

Anyways fast forward to 2013 and I'm 170lbs, but the problem here is that my stomach got so ****ed up from the fat that my skin is loose. Not like 400+ getting down to 100lbs loose, but enough for making me feel like ****.

Main reason why I'm like the way I am. Cause I have this **** that I can't get over and continually see myself of being a fat mother ****er.

Losing 80lbs in 6 months is a great accomplishment. Congrats bro, you should feel proud.

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