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03-08-2013, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
I'm not saying get rid of him. I'm saying he's given unequivocal support because he's French. Unfortunately, that's the truth. Any French player in Montreal is, you know that.

Anyways, he has amazing skill, but I think he's better suited to the wing. He won't beat any top center in this league because of his size. Your #1 line has to be out there most often. If you can't win battles in front of your own net and play strong defensively against the other team's best players, you should either be on another line or play wing where you don't have to be as defensive. He can be a lot like Peverley that way. He's an amazing player. You can't have enough centers who shift to wing. He can be a huge asset for us. But because of who he is, he's not given a blank check to play the center ice position. Why can't we shift him around? Why can White, Gally and Eller be moved around but he can't even be discussed on the wing? Why is Eller benched so quickly, yet he's given so much rope? It's silly that he's given preferential treatment.
The only way for Dd to be effective in both center or winger position is to be intelligent and fast and it is what he is doing, I mean if you play at the wing you have to win the battle along the ramp in offensive zone and if you play center you have to help your defensive. But I think Dd can do both thing so i do not object to the possibility to put him at the wing.

A good example that a small player can have succes at center is Danny Briere, especially when he played in Buffalo, I do not compare Dd to him but it is just to show that a small player can have succes at this position.

I do not object to a ''good'' trade but the fact i think is that we will not be able to get equivalent value because Dd is underrated for 3 reasons, he didn't get drafted, he is a small player and he is already 26.

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