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03-08-2013, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Totally Radivojevic View Post
BP1974 conveniently ignored my post providing video evidence of 30+ big saves around the league from one night of hockey alone. It only happens against the Flyers, and Bryz can't be expected to make any difficult saves.
Don't feel bad, he ignored my post asking where he ranks the Flyers in terms of team defense this year / whether he thinks this is one of the worst defensive teams since the 1st lockout.

He has also ignored me in the past when I asked him to rank Bryzgalov against other goalies.

In general, anytime anyone makes a decent point against Bryzgalov that BP1974 doesn't have a comeback for and/or asks BP1974 to compare Bryzgalov to other goalies on the overall body of their work, he shuts down or responds on a tangent of how Bryzgalov played really well on this 2:00 penalty kill or in this one isolated game and how we should really be blaming the team's effort, etc.

I think somewhere in there he knows Bryzgalov isn't a good goalie and doesn't measure up with other goalies around the league, he just can't admit it publicly for whatever reason.

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