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Originally Posted by axecrew View Post
Seriously????????????????......................... ...Seriously??????????????

Levin not owning the Wolves? Where'd you hear that juicy nugget? Funny.....A chicago tribune, chicago daily herald, and also a chicago sun-times article....(yes all 3 had articles) Don Levin was quoted as saying he has no intention of selling the Wolves and in fact was recently quoted in a different interview as saying he really would like to own an NHL team so that he'd have more control over players coming to the Wolves. That doesn't sound like a guy looking to get rid of the Wolves.....well maybe on bizzaro world it might.
Believe scenario has a much better chance at playing out before summer than a sale of phx and a move to an arenaless city in Seattle.

Relax axe, you might get a coronary!!!!

The NHL team owning their AHL affiliate in a different city is completely unheard of and it never happens......

Originally Posted by BK Triple Threat View Post
Sure the Wolves are good, but don't you remember the ATL dispute of sorts? Wolves cared more about winning and ATL cared more about development. So from that standpoint the Hershey's/Chicago's of the world aren;'t the best from the standpoint.
The dispute was Atlanta couldn't draft for squat and got rid of any talent they did have. Chevy has a job as GM, Waddell doesn't. Chevy has like 8 championships, Waddell what, 1?

Hershey, let's see - Colorado affiliate, Colorado wins cup. Caps affiliate, Caps have winning seasons. Horrible. Absolutely horrendous. Nashville - playoffs all the time. Admirals - set record for most seasons in a row with something like 40 wins. Vancouver/Manitoba - 'nuf said.

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