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03-08-2013, 10:37 PM
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General Astronomy/Cosmology News Source

Hi All,

Didn't know where else to bring this...

Ever since I can remember I've always had a curiosity (fitting, thanks NASA) with all things space. As I grew older I switched my focus to things that I knew I could be good at (and would pay) and could therefore provide for the eventual little Bocephus' (Bocephi?) but I've always had it. I've spent my last few years reading various books by cosmologists and as great as they are, I'd like a source for the "new". So for those of you (who am I kidding, anyone here) that loves space and the physics that make it work, what sources do you keep up with? I would love a magazine (especially something I could have sent to my kindle) but really anything I can keep track of would be awesome.

As a bit of background, my classical training in physics is limited but I am by no means incapable of understanding the broader concepts (nor short of a thirst to learn the physics in the "why") so I am not searching for "fluff" articles; I would rather not know and have to dig deeper then get a brush-over MSN piece on a new discovery. I find myself enthralled by the various science channel (and other such documentaries ala Carl Sagan's "The Cosmos") but I find many leaving me at the door of understanding; we get the "is" and little of the why that "is" was reached.

Conceptually I get it, I was not brought up religious but I think I've personally turned all those what ifs into my own philosophy and have friends that are willing to talk with me about it (not to sound like a complete *******, I thought it may help my question).

My point is, I don't want nor need the dumb down periodicals, I'd like the "good stuff" you true Science people watch out for (including reading theories and speculations because, lets be honest, there aren't a lot of proofs in this line of business).

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