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03-08-2013, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Totally Radivojevic View Post
Haha. Didn't he say he plays goalie? Based on that, his username, and his Bryz bias, I guess the man just really loves the goaltender position.
I think it's just really a shame that he can't get it through his head what at least 75% (based on the poll) of Flyers fans are trying to say. We're not trying to say Bryz is the only problem on this team, we're not saying he's totally to blame for our horrendous record, nor are we trying to hate on Bryz, or at least I'm not because I think he seems like a nice enough guy.

All we're trying to say is that this whole Bryzgalov in Philadelphia thing isn't working out, not at his current cap hit, not for this level of play. He shares some of the blame for his sub-.900 save percentage, it's not all the defense. Elite goalies don't post sub-.900 save percentages in the modern NHL, regardless of what type of defense is being played in front of them.

I fear we're just pounding our heads against a brick wall though. If he would've been able to conceptualize these ideas, we'd be on thread #2 instead of #8 steaming towards #9.

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