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Originally Posted by Trl3789 View Post
As a buyer this is the key point for me though. I bought my skates in store, but for almost everything else it's not reasonable for me to buy locally. We have two stores, a big one that doesn't price match and a smaller one at the rink tht does, but doesn't have a great selection. I usually cant find what im looking for inthe smaller store. If the bigger store would price match though, I'd buy everything there. But when you're talking $50ish more after shipping for a $100-$120 stick, why would I do that? I get what youre saying about $20-$30 on a $400 purcase, but when its $50ish on a $200 purchase, its unfair to expect that of me just because I'm local. it takes me about 15$ just in gas to get there and back. Though I'd never tell them I was there trying to get an idea to go buy online.
I was in a similar boat. I bought skates from the little local shop because the guy went through all the effort of letting me dick around with 87 different pairs of skates trying to find the best fit, so I gave him the sale. But it's just not economical to buy everything from him. His store is about as big as my coat closet.

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