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03-08-2013, 11:04 PM
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There are literally 2, okay maybe 3 players on the entire team who I can honestly say I hope they are able to keep for the long term, who I have optimism for in terms of ceiling, development, and their abilities to be gamechangers, legit valuable pieces moving forward.

Despite having a very, very disappointing season so far, RNH is one of those guys.

Yakupov is another. Schultz is the third.

I've lost interest in Hall almost completely. Sure, keep him for now, but it won't matter to me if they trade him. Poor hockey IQ, has shown little progression since his inception to the league. Eberle is soft, small, I like his history as a player but he's no blue chipper, and the rest of the league has figured him out. Fans of other teams mocked us about his unsustainable shooting %, his predictable slump coming back down to earth (its happening) and we sarcastically rejoiced and joined in the mock session with "unsustainable shooting %". Jokes on us. Could care less if they traded him now, honestly.

These guys are smoke and mirrors. Gagner, despite being one of the few players with great character, should've been gone yesterday.

Defensively, they have nobody who can really play the position, at least consistently. A wack of 4-5-6 guys. Schultz is the only guy with any shred of potential and hope there. Klefbom coming off major surgery, young, playing in Sweden. Years away. To me there are so many what ifs with these D prospects. No sure things. No studs. Nobody physical.

Everyone, literally everyone else can go. Theirs defense sucks. They have no blue chippers. They have no one who knows how to play defense consistently. Nobody physical or with any character.

The whole thing is a complete mess.

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