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Originally Posted by BmxHockey View Post
I see guys doing this move from time to time but never heard what it's called. It's when the puck carrier is along the boards and pretends to pivot backwards with one skate (basically Mohawks the skate heel moving forward) and immediately brings this skate forward again as to fake the pressure out.

Does this make sense?
Yeah I'll try and phrase it again and you can tell me if I'm right?

A lefty goes down the left wing, crosses into the oppositions end over the blue line, and just when their space along the boards is being closed off by a defenseman they pretend they're going to turn back up to the blue line, and use that headfake time to take the puck along the boards and squeeze past the defense so they can continue behind the net

I don't know what it's called, I just have always called it "Selling the inside", because it's just another move to me that's an attempt to trick the dman you're moving the puck/play back to the middle of the ice. The reason they work, obviously, is because a defenseman doesn't want to give up the middle of the ice, so if you suddenly scare them that the play will go there; they'll react suddenly and with less poise.

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