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03-08-2013, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
The problem ethically ISN'T that you should always buy locally, but that it's you shouldn't use your local shop as a fitting station for buying online. Don't make a mess and don't waste their time.

If you have 20 local shops selling everything that HM carries but at 20% higher prices, of course you might be inclined to buy online; simple business sense. Just don't go to those 20 stores and try everything on.
Yeah that's fair. It can still be tough to avoid though. I usually decide something like "hey I need new gloves", go to the store, find a pair I like and then compare prices. If they're comparable I'll buy them at the store, otherwise I'll get them online if there is a significant difference. I just think its a tough situation all the way around. I'm not going to buy something without trying it on first. I'm also not going to buy something without comparing prices.

Thanks for the view from the other side though. It is helpful to understand what could make me look like a jerk to people I interact with somewhat frequently. My inexperience speaks for itself.

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