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Originally Posted by Hollywood Burrows View Post
Every person who called for Newell Brown to be fired in this thread failed to present a single criticism of Newell Brown. It's almost like some of you have no idea what you're talking about?

Ryan Kesler takes BY FAR the most PP shots on the team. When he returns expect the PP shot volume to increase. His absence is the biggest problem.
Are you serious right now? I just thought it was blatantly obvious and didn't need to be laid out considering how closely most people here follow this team. You know, kind of like how people will say O.J. Simpson is guilty without going into details.

1) Let's start with the obvious. How about the fact that the Canucks PP unit ranks 20th in the league right now. Teams like Calgary and Florida are performing significantly better than Vancouver this season on the PP. Considering the tools Newell Brown has to work with, this shouldn't be happening.

2) It's not like this is just a new trend either, how about the fact the Canucks went 4-for-42 in their last ten regular season games last year. Outside of that one game against Boston last season, the Canucks PP has been below par for well over a year now.

3) Should we talk about the last two playoff series against the Bruins and Kings, where the Canucks PP went a combine 5 for 54.

Sure Newell Brown had some early success with the PP in Vancouver, but the PP has been brutal for over a year. At what point does it become obvious that the book is out on Newell Brown? How long did it take him to realize that teams had figured out the stupid Sedin drop pass before entering the zone? The guy refuses to make significant scheme adjustments to the PP, and when he does they are usually the wrong move (see Schroeder on the point).

Go ahead, make a convincing case for why Newell Brown should remain in charge of the PP. This should be amusing

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