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03-09-2013, 12:55 AM
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I really love our uniforms. There is a classic style to it and I absolutely love the red. I like the color red and being a Cardinals and D-Backs fan, I'm already suited toward it. Plus, it's a Valley color now and I want to respect that. I wouldn't mind if they changed the logos to the one listed above with the red outline and white center of the current coyote head shape.

If anything could be changed, I think our white uniforms could look better. I love the red home jersey but our white uniforms could use a little more style.

I absolutely detest the idea of doing anything southwest related. Those old jerseys were beyond hideous. The kitschy Kachina style and coyote head looked like something in an airport gift shop. Phoenix is a major metropolitan city. We can just be Phoenix. We don't have to emanate everything that is southwestern or desert or Kachina. It's almost cliche.

Overall, we should be proud of what we have. Constantly changing something loses credibility and it just looks cheesy. We have a nice classic jersey and we need to respect those jersey and be proud of them. Winning and tradition make jerseys not the other way. The Dallas Cowboy jerseys and colors are ugly but they became famous because the Cowboys were famous through their play. Their uniforms then became iconic. If the Coyotes continue to perform well, we will have our own tradition and our jerseys will be classic too.

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