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Originally Posted by elpol View Post
So many things wrong, where do you start but to blow it all up (management). Here's a few of my own personal observations that don't get discussed much here.

Cozy relationship between a certain player and ownership. Means that said player and his cronies don't really have to buy in to any coaching whatsoever. Anything they don't like? Just do an end run around coaching staff. Want an example of the effect? Examine Chicago. Many hockey writers point to the firing of one of the assistant coaches over the summer. The one who was a crony of ownership. The one who players could go through if they didn't like what Quenville/Kitchen were asking them to do. This year? The 'leak' is now plugged. Chicago looks damned good and everybody buys in.

Fan-boy, meddlesome ownership. While we can't do much more than speculate. things sure smell like this. I suspect that nothing would make Katz happier than to have the entire Oilers team from 84/85 be under his employ. The man made money being savvy and shrewd in business. I think if you look around, it's not hard to find billionaire sports team owners who betray their own supposed smarts when they get themselves a huge ego-toy like a sports franchise. I get the sense that Katz might just be the smartest kid in the room, and unfortunately the problem is that he appears to believe that he truly is.

The teams 'best' player for years has no game and does not elevate the play of his linemates. Whatever you might think of Hemsky? He must be included in what's so wrong with this team. Highly over-rated imo. Why always dump on Belanger? Or Horcoff or Smyth for that matter. Hemsky has been so indifferent and lacking in real compete for a long time now. It's not enough that he does the occasional highlight reel play. He must take his share of the blame for the lack of veteran leadership.

Management... See my previous comments about Katz. It all comes down to Katz. And this depresses me because I just can't buy what he is selling. I don't even know if he knows what he is selling. He has what he wants. I just hope he wakes up from his stupor before it's too late and the team gets chased out of Edmonton because of never-ending ineptitude.

The fallacy of "Oiler Hockey". Seriously, what is this? Marketing 101? Sell the message hard enough so that it becomes the truth? That, unfortunately, is on all of us. Not because we're stupid or anything. We just want our team to show us it has a pulse. The customer usually wins the PR battles because we hold the wallets that pay for it all. But these are very strange times and I'm not convinced conventional marketplace wisdom will win the day. The disconnect between what is before our eyes and what we're being told is before our eyes is too hard to ignore.

Time to drink.

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