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03-09-2013, 12:05 AM
...better... or not
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I'm actually shocked at this point that anyone wouldn't realize that Tambo is a puppet of this regime. Always was... always will be. Most of us have been saying that for years now and it's easy enough to see by what goes on in the org.

It's always been a planned rebuild on the part of Katz/Lowe/Tambo and the rest of the management "inner circle".

What's happened up until now is EXACTLY what was expected. They are ******** the bed this year more than expected but the rebuild won't be blown up... they will stay on track with the rebuild.

They've huddled and schemed to put the "build through the draft" philosophy in place and develop their talent internally to rebuild the team in a 4-6 year time window. All the moves they have made have made that very obvious... no major pieces obtained... live or die with the youth they are developing.

Lowe is the man Katz wants in charge to oversee the "grand plan"... Tambo is the puppet frontman who is the mouthpiece for management... walks up to the podium... talks about being competitive... how he expects the team to to be improved each year...goal is the playoffs... blah blah... on and on.

Never actually says anything too specific about how they will achieve that with the group they have and always keeps details of the obvious prolonged tank phase of the rebuild as "non-obvious" as he can make it.

They knew it would take several years from when they blew it up and drafted Hall... likely half a decade or longer.

Do I think there will be massive changes because the team is ******** the bed this season?

Nope. Maybe some optics move to appease the near rioting masses. Krueger's head may roll... maybe even Tambo to make it appear like something "has to be done"... as losing constantly is unacceptable.

Rebuild goes on... minor REAL changes will be made... the fate of the team still relies on the slow and steady development of the youth within the org... and they'll welcome yet another top prospect with their top draft pick this summer.

And so it continues... either be patient and wait for this rebuild to play itself out over the next 2-3 years with the majority of this current management group in place or switch to another team because you are not going to see radical changes take place outside of shell games to make it appear changes are being made.

I personally was always onboard the rebuild when it began... no other real choice. The team is simply ****ed if this talented core turns out to be not so talented after all... there will likely be another decade of wandering in the desert at that point.

You either have faith that this core will deliver us to Nirvana and have the patience to see the rebuild through... or get out of Dodge and find a better team to support. I hear Chicago is a very good team this season. They'll likely be starting a new winning streak in the next game they play.

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