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Originally Posted by Ramenbot View Post
I kind of get the sense Perry wants out, or at least wants to hit the open market. He and Getzlaf now are like the two childhood friends from a small town. They've grown up together (the draft), played together (on the same line), lost their virginity together (2007), but now that they're grown up they want different things.

Getzlaf married his local-girl sweetheart and wants to stay and invest in the family gardening business, but Perry thinks he can get bigger and better things heading off for the big city. And as much as Getzy wants to keep his buddy around, he knows that they aren't kids anymore; they're adults, with different values. Getzlaf chooses to stay, raise a family, and open the biggest orange orchard that town has ever seen. Perry goes off to Canada to try his hand at raising and selling trees. And that's how Corey's Toronto Maple Leaves opens for business.

Best explanation ever.

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