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03-09-2013, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Iggy-4-50 View Post
Possibly for offense,I say possibly because Gallagher had 3 straight 40+ goal seasons in the WHL himself, But it's worth arguing Gallagher will be a better overall player.And then of course there's the Russian vs Canadian player.

Sometimes draft order doesn't mean a thing
To be honest I'm not a fan of either team here, in fact I hate the Oilers because I cheer for the Canucks, but after reading what Habs fans say about Gallagher I have to say they are jumping the gun. Just for perspective almost 10 years ago the Canucks had a rookie leading NHL in goals early in the season, his name was Jason King. You may ask why I bring this up, well it's to point out that things don't necessarily last or turn out as good as you think until you see consistency over multiple seasons. Clearly Jason King probably no one remembers. Also since Gallagher used to play for the Giants in Vancouver, I have seen him play up close. He is a skilled player and is feisty. My biggest problems with him is his size and how often he gets creamed going in the dirty areas. Now if I'm not mistaken he has already gotten a concussion this year, so that means he needs to adjust how he plays because when he played for the Giants it was sometimes scary seeing what other guys did to him. Before crowning him better then a guy who is 2 years younger than him we better continue seeing good health and consistent production. Oh and the guy 2 years younger than him was drafted 1st overall, so clearly there must be some good upside. But hey I hope Yakupov is a bust for my own teams sake! Just saying that some of these claims about Gallagher are comical at best

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