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03-09-2013, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by TexRanger View Post
He shouldn't been ******** on my players and say shattenkirk is better than MDZ, and shattenkirk is 1+ years older.
Elliott has been bailing out a lot of the miscues, Elliott is not as good this year so the warts have been exposed on that D.
He brough up that Shattenkirk vs. MDZ after you crapped on Shattenkirk and he did not crap on him he just brought up the fact that Shatty is outperforming MDZ by a large margin this year...You are not making much sense here...You crap on Shatty so the poster points out the fact that Shatty is outperforming MDZ this year so if Shatty is all hype what does that make MDZ...You then state that he should not have crapped on "your" player when he was refuting you crapping on Shatty.

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