Thread: Proposal: Evander Kane for Phil Kessel
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03-09-2013, 02:32 AM
Norm MacDonald
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Originally Posted by TexRanger View Post
You are dead wrong.
Evander can do a lot more than just score, when he is off, he can hit, lead and provide energy, what can Kessel do? ............................ crickets

Evander >>>>>>>>>>> Kessel.
But since he is a leaf he must be god
Kessel can contribute more offensively than Kane, which is the most important thing a forward does. Other guys on the team can refill the MORALE bar with a +ENERGY boost if that important to you.

By the way, I'm not a fan of either team. I just despise homerism.
Originally Posted by Flying High View Post
You really think the 3 extra points over an 82 game season balences out the 10x more hit numbers?
You're the one that was claiming Kane is objectively better based on stats. Even if you look past the flawed argument, my post points out that your entire premise is wrong.

And you're not correct about Kanes Pk. He didn't pk at all for the first fourteen games. During that time the Jets had the worst pk in the league, getting scored on over 30% of the time. 9 games ago the Jets changed their pk style and now play a very fast pk, with a heavy forecheck. It fits Kanes style perfectly and with him and the new system the team has gone 21/21 on the pk the last 9 games. He's really really good at Pk in this system. Opponents barely ever get set up and he's a huge breakaway threat.
Good to know Kane has had 9 games of being a good penalty killer. That fact isn't of marginal importance at all.
I've watched 22 Jets games this year and around 14 or 15 Leafs games cause my room mate is a big Leafs fan. Kane has been subjectively better this year too. He's having a much more impactful year than Kessel
If that's the case, I'm sure you're a perfectly unbiased judge with the highest credentials. My mistake. Also, you're using the word "subjectively" wrong.

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