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03-09-2013, 02:12 AM
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Cut the S19 about an inch, it made a world of difference. Went to stick and puck tonight and was getting way more strength on the shots. Thanks Jarick.

Originally Posted by PlayBall View Post
I didn't like the one60. Felt OK at first but eventually didn't like the lie, weight, and balance once I put the wood end in. I didn't think the flex would suit me either but that's not the sticks fault. I took it home to handle and get a feel of after a recommendation, so I didn't shoot it, but if you can afford to stick (no pun intended) with whatever you have now and buy something better on clearance later, I would recommend that route, for what it's worth.

You should definitely be able to find it for 80-90 now in Canada, if you're US even cheaper.
I mostly just wait for clearances anyway. Sportchek is usually pretty good with clearing out old models.

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