Thread: Speculation: 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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03-09-2013, 03:20 AM
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Originally Posted by FrolikFan67 View Post
MacKinnon would be our first choice most likely, then either Drouin or Barkov. personally, id take drouin over barkov, hes such a stud, him and huberdeau would be magical but i wonder if we go with the big center instead. If we nab one of mackinnon, drouin, or barkov, that would be insane.

as far as the lottery goes, im constantly having questions about it because whenever i think it goes one way, it gets cleared up and its different. i initially thought they changed it to more like basketball where the picks can land in whatever order they draw them (i dont know if theres a "4spot" rule or something like that in basketball) but here in the nhl draft theyre saying you can only drop back 1 does that mean you see who wins the top pick, and if its a team who wasnt the worst team then everyone just moves back one spot and theres the order? if everyone has a shot at getting that pick, even #14, then it would be nice to know that we could only slide 1 spot. is that correct?

wouldnt that be great if we got mackinnon (or even barkov). finally, we would no longer have to worry about centers. MacKinnon, Bjugstad, Shore/Goc. that would be incredible!
Yes, you can only slide back one spot.

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