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03-09-2013, 02:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Andrei79 View Post
He's right and he's wrong.

He's right in talking about Subbans all of his elite level plays, there are so many and no one takes the time to talk about them.

He's wrong in dismissing what Pierre Houde says, because Pierre Houde is absolutely right. Once he corrects a few things, he'll be a Norris caliber player, maybe no.2 in the league (though Seth Jones is coming). He won't ever be better than Karlsson, who's better at everything, but he might have the odd better season.
There are a few others as well, but you're point remains. If PK can continue to iron out the wrinkles in his game and learn to make the smart play most all of the time, he can challenge for a Norris one day. He'll never have that elite poise/vision, but his physical ability and skill make him a special player.

Originally Posted by Franck View Post
The lack of historical perspective from some of the posters in this thread is just sad.
I'd bet that a lot of those posters are Justin Bieber fans and have a curfew.

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