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03-09-2013, 02:41 AM
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Pominville's Captaincy

I don't like it.

An issue we often touch upon, but never dive into in full-throttle discussion.

What are your thoughts on Jason as the captain of this team? You can take this in several different directions.

Here goes the attempt to see both sides of the coin...

1) the team, with him wearing the 'C', has been an unsuccessful team. No, the captain is not supposed to be the lone driver of success, nor is he the only reason why we've been mediocre during this time frame, but you have to think that there's a bit of responsibility on the captain to extract effort and maintain accountability in the room. This is clearly not the case IMO

2) on the flip, he plays the game the right way. You're never questioning his effort, and he's not someone you point to and say "he's a problem" at all. Seems to be well liked by the team.

3) tangentially, his defensive game is MASSIVELY overrated on this board. He's average-to-slightly above average on the defensive side

4) he's durable, produces points...

5) my captain should be a guy who will carry the team on his back effort wise, bringing some grit, and PASSION (Steve Ott). Doesn't have to be the go-to scorer, but definitely the guy I want on the ice in one goal games late third. Not necessarily Pominville as the immediate choice, but lack of better options puts him there.

Conclusion: there's no way he gets "stripped" of the captaincy, but in my mind, him donning the letter is indicative of a larger problem on the team - the lack of leadership.

Do you like him as the captain?

Ott has unquestionably won me over with regards to bringing leadership and representing what I want in a captain at this point based on the current roster. Sorry to go all over the place, but can anyone make the case for me as to why he (Poms) is the right choice?

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