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Originally Posted by rockjngo View Post
I'm not sure if you were around when Chelios played for the Habs, but he was more than Subban at this point. The two are similar pre-therrien. however pk now is more complete player than we saw before. The closes player I can think of in today's NHL that is close to Chelios is Shea Weber (sure he's got more size, but in there's of toughness and can change the game).

I would also agree to another poster here that Subban is better than Markov in his prime. I mean that because Subban has everything Markov had plus toughness and can play in all 3 zones. Markov is more of a powerplay offensive specialist than a defensive player.

The Chelios for Savard trade was one of the worst trades behind Roy and Leclair/Desjardin trade in the history. Savard back was on his down, if he was still in his prime like 25 yeah I'll do that trade but Savard was like Danny Briere, and you don't trade a 25 years old Shea Weber for a 34 years old Danny Briere.
Vision? Let's not kid ourselves, Subban has tremendous talent, exceptional skating and physicality in his game. His one downfall relative to the true elite is his hockey IQ. It's above average, its good but its not markov good and it certainly isnt karlsson good either. Subban doesn't have that vision but has other assets in his game.

As for markov being a PP specialist, guy is playing the most in entire team(more than subban too obviously) and we're saying he's a PP specialist? Subban plays 1:05 min PK per game, Markov plays 2:34. Markov also plays more ES time than Subban, even more PP time. He beats him in every category.

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