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Originally Posted by rockjngo View Post
Markov plays more in pk and pp because of our lack of depth on defense. Who would you rather have out there? Markov or Yannick the panic Weber, Tomas Kaberle, Francis Boullion, Josh Gorges on the powerplay? I say PK has neck to neck vision/hockey IQ as Markov.
You missed the point. Markov plays more PK than subban. You said Markov is PP specialist but he plays more in every situation than subban. Now, you respond with depth concerns? What does it matter? If we have more depth as you requested will Markovs ice time decrease? Yes. Will subbans ice time increase? No. They will both decrease anyway. This isn't a question of how much Markov plays ES and PK. It's a comment to suggest Markov plays more non PP situations than Subban. So if Markov is PP specialist, what does it make subban?? The reality is neither are one dimensional and that's the point. Subban isn't better than Markov in everything, he just isn't. I won't deny he's arguably a better all around Dman but he doesn't trump Markov in everything and Markov is quite the player. We shouldn't have to discount Markovs impact to credit subban.

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