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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
Yes but if Kuznetsov is comfortable why leave. He has a young wife and family there, a good franchise to play for, and the gap between KHL and NHL gets smaller each year. Also, the hockey suits his style better. I couldn't imagine him being happy with a guy like Hendricks being put on his wing like OV doing the dump and chase thing... Traktors top 6 rivals many NHL teams top 6 IMO so it may actually be a step down to what he is used to (obviously besides OV, Backy, Ribero, after that there is a cliff drop in talent). Basically, things are great for Kuznetsov so why change them?

And Washington hasn't been a great incubator for Russian guys in recent times, drove Semin out, Varly was gone (he is far better than any guy they have now), Orlov got jacked around last year by coach. Now things aren't looking so well for Galiev, Kugryshev was wrecked. There AHL program is absolutely abysmal for Euros...
Also there was Gustafsson. Kuznetsov was also upset he didn't even get an invite to the camp this year... Does this sound like a great organization for a guy like Kuznetsov to come to... Absolutely not.

So there are many reasons why a guy might not want to come to a certain organization right away regardless of money. These guys know they will get money wherever they go.
Very selective quoting of my post there. As I said, the reasons behind Kuznetsov's decision to remain in the KHL likely won't be there for most other talented young Russians. Whether it was down to him having a young family, the potential NHL lockout or him wanting to give himself the best possible chance of playing at a Russian Olympics.

Far too much is made of the "Russian factor". Players that are talented enough to be fairly certain of their NHL roster spot typically come over. The risk of Nichushkin not coming over is negligible, and if teams are looking to pick him around the 10 spot, most players taken there would need a couple more years in juniors anyway.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post

Do you think that Tarasenko would move to NHL if Sibir was such great organisation like Traktor? SKA was not his native team, but Sibir, like Traktor is for Kuznetsov, Nichuskin, Zinoviev (1996). There has been hockey boom in Chelyabinsk

Orlov, Bobrovsky - why did they move to NHL? Because Novokuznetsk was and still is weak. If they were from Chelyabinsk, they would consider staying. I am sure. Especially sad for Orlov, who does not deserve to play single minute in AHL!
Tarasenko made it very clear to the Blues organisation early on that he wanted to come to the NHL as soon as he felt ready to get good minutes in the NHL. He done that. I can't speak about Bobrovsky, but Orlov always planned on going to North America sooner rather than later as well.

Things probably would have been different if Sibir and Metallurg were challenging for the Gagarin Cup, but you can't really apply that logic to players across the board.

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