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03-09-2013, 05:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
That's a joke.

I hate the Oilers and Yakupov's Justin Bieber style teenage phenom antics but Yakupov has Gallagher beat. It's easy to crap on the last place team and all their players. I'd love to see people's opinions on Montreal when they've crashed back to earth.
i take Gallagher anyday before Yakupov.
Yakupov is a one way player. If he doesnt score
he aint worth ****!
Gallagher is a pure hard working ball of energy
that will go in the traffic areas and corners.
And get trampled infront of the net for his teammates.
he's a pure pest around he nets and an attracted
target by almost all players letting his teammates
open. on top of that he's an amazing hockey player
and prob can deke and handle the puck as well as Yakupov.
i have seen Yakupov play and he's spectacular more than
anything else. But if we talk effectiveness for a team.
Gallagher is definitely alot more important.

perfect comparison.
Yakupov = Phil Kessel
Gallagher = Theoren Fleury
and im not comparing pts wise. i'm comparing style.

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