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Originally Posted by EbencoyE View Post
Exactly. If the NHL were serious about pulling out of the Olympics, they would be pressuring the IIHF (as the Russians are already doing) to move the World Championships to February, when they would shut down for 2 weeks to allow NHLers to participate, which would completely defeat the whole purpose of withdrawing from the Olympics.

Bringing back the World Cup is simply a bluffing tactic. The World Cup failed for a reason, and the NHL has every vested interest in continuing to send players to the Olympics as they obviously see a benefit in international competition - especially a stage as big as the Olympics which could never be replicated.
That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever....a completely ass-backwards statement.

NHL "We are opposed to shutting down our league once every 4 years as we see very little, practically no benefit to our league, so lets withdraw from that Olympic 1 in four year option so we can shut down annually for the World Championships." Because the NHL is not actively negotiating for the WHC option doesn't mean you can infer it is bluffing on its Olympic rhetoric, one doesn't equal the other.

The KHL wants the World Championships moved to February because they want a longer more NHL style schedule to their league, but don't want to negatively impact Team Russia at the World Championship...and you'll think the suits in NY City will dance to Medvedev's tune? Laughable.

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