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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
That is a terrific post Otto. My other question is with this selection committee I have seen their names associated with this tournament before. I believe there should be some transparency in the process, were any of these individuals on the committee when London bid in 05?
The commitee doesn't change much it's a cushy gig man. But the guys on it are very smart sports people so it's not like they pulled academics from Ryerson to show the OHL who is best suited. These guys are all sports pro' no argument there.

My pasting of Morris Dalla Costa's peieve was meant more of convo carrying tool and the temperature around the three locals on the cusp of their bids. No matter what the argument coming from 3 cities they in fact all carry serious weight and have a lot of truth in them.

I was at Shawinigan and honestly is was a joke. One big reason they landed it was Mr Shawinigan himself.....and in Quebec politics and parties is blood sport. But the beloved Jean Chretien still rules a lot of things behind the curtain and he also helped land that Cup in guys also got screwed by another Ottawa heavyweight in Melnyk. He simply danced on the puppet strings for Branch with the Majors and facilitated a lot of big money transactions to help the OHL out of a mess. His payoff was get your Majors setup and downtown Toronto fans be will get a Cup, at Windsor's expense. And the folks out in Saint John are still fuming about not landing the 2012 especially with the big corporations behind them ( McCains ) They were certain they had it locked up and most others also believed this.....but Chretian was still behind the curtain pulling strings and the Sea Dogs were stunned when it was announced going to Shawi. Yes it was a real blast driving 75 kms each way every day and twice on some days to Shawinigan from Trois Riviere since there is no rooms in that burg.

Dalla Costa writes very little about the Knight so I was surprised to see that Mem Cup article. He is not a big Hunter supporter but like to hand with the Lightning 7 days a week.

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