Thread: Proposal: Ballard to St. Louis
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03-09-2013, 06:17 AM
Only a 2 year window
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Literally I might try to put together a package for Gomez before Ballard. Every non-insane Canuck fan (and there are many sane ones who know how stupid this is) knows this is 100% an attempt to DUMP a ****** contract on some team. How do you dump a contract in some tiresome theory way? (Because in real life the Blues aren't taking Ballard even if you traded the Geisha All-Stars to service every member of the Blues organization in exchange for taking this BS contract.) In the tiresome theory way, you send several depressing members of your fanbase to allege this isn't some crappy ass crapfest of a player and contract that is universally shoved into every package you try to dump. And that is what we have in this thread. I would literally rather see the Blues close their franchise and never play again than take this crap Ballard contract. I feel an apology is due.

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