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Originally Posted by Unholy View Post
Yeah he does have problems figuring out easy paths to get to. Enjoyed seeing him jump off into his death a couple times because he doesn't notice there is no spacebar action where he is at sometimes. I mostly just laughed at some of the little bugs that occured and the couple enemies that disappeared and things like that. I do find it strange he liked that actual tomb raiding is optional in a 'Tomb Raider' game but then again he has stated a bunch of times he does not like puzzles in these kinds of games with action sequences. I agree with some of the stuff he said like the ammo and weird side things that gives you experience like when he stole an egg and the Egg Poacher quest initiated. Just seems like a random throw-in that doesn't belong. But the game seems like the Uncharted games a bit so overall I will enjoy the game once I play anyways.
I didn't have a problem with the ammo laying around, nor when you take a relic and it looks like she ''takes it with her''

Again he complained about the relics related to the lore of the island, but was completely fine with the books and diaries laying around which were there for the exact same reason, and the books also disappear as if she takes it with her

To me it seemed clear that the island had a old japanese heritage, a WWII heritage and now the Solarii and those collectables helped with that

I just wish he had been more consistent with his criticism, it just looks like he was reaching a lot for things to complain about

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