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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
What puzzles? I usually get stuck over the stupidest things - but haven't in this game yet.
Aren't there small puzzles in each of the side Tombs? Saw him go in one and had to pull separate levers and take in account wind blowing a platform or something. Didn't look complicated by any means but it's something other than climbing and shooting baddies.

Originally Posted by BeBen View Post
I didn't have a problem with the ammo laying around, nor when you take a relic and it looks like she ''takes it with her''

Again he complained about the relics related to the lore of the island, but was completely fine with the books and diaries laying around which were there for the exact same reason, and the books also disappear as if she takes it with her

To me it seemed clear that the island had a old japanese heritage, a WWII heritage and now the Solarii and those collectables helped with that

I just wish he had been more consistent with his criticism, it just looks like he was reaching a lot for things to complain about
Yeah I see where you are coming from, that kind of stuff is in a lot of games and really shouldn't have an effect on how you think of the game since it does not really effect gameplay in a bad way.

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