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Originally Posted by EpochLink View Post
The undisputed number one free agent signing of all time is Reggie White to the Green Bay Packers...

Me and a friend were wrestling who is number two...Deion Sanders to the Niners/Cowboys or Drew Brees to the Saints?

Either way, those are pretty much the top 3 of all time so far..
Homer here, but I'd put Brees to the Saints ahead of Deion. Deion went to two teams who were already Super Bowl contenders. Those Cowboys won two without Deion, while the 49ers hedged their bets on him, but still could have won without him. They didn't, but they could have.

Reggie White and Drew Brees, in part, completely turned around both franchises. The Packers and Saints were both irrelevant before they showed up. The Packers only made the playoffs twice since Vince Lombardi left, while the Saints only had 1 playoff win, ever.

I also don't blame Richard Sherman. He only said what everyone else is thinking.

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