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03-09-2013, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by crabcz View Post
The fact that Jagr has more goals than assists speaks volumes. Benn is clueless without a puck.
That is pretty harsh. Things are getting harsh around here all of a sudden.

You gotta be careful trying to figure out what Jagr is saying.. i really don't think that saying they are playing at 30% is a slight at Benn. I think he is saying that their chemistry is just OKAY right now, but it could get a lot better. Having Morrow on that line really destroyed the chemistry, i think. It was such a downer to see Morrow mess up on taking and making passes. Now that Loui is on the line chemistry can actually start to happen because he has the amazing ability to actually make and receive a pass. It was very frustrating watching Morrow on the top line honestly.

But his comments are interesting, especially after what he said during the video that showcased him a few days ago where he said that he is comfortable just being a member of the team and not being depended on.. but now he is saying that because of the money he feels he needs to step up his game. So, the reason i'm bringing this up.. it's so hard to read Jagr, he is an Enigma. I don't think he is lying, he just says what he is thinking at the time and it's short answers.

Anyways it's really amazing to see him do so well, and i think he could do even better. He should be at a PPG now, but Morrow really slowed them down.

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