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Originally Posted by krazy kanuck View Post
Actually, I think Kirke and Branch have voting member roles. They are stated as "Ex officio" members of the committee. That simply means that they have their seats on the committee as a result of their roles within the organization. It doesn't mean they can't vote. Looks like a repeat of the 2011 committee to me.
This is even worse than. Because if four out of the five members who awarded the bid to London in 2005 are still there. IIRC Barrie bid for that hosting gig as well - so if the previous hosting gig cannot be considered against London, their bid will be stronger this year, as they have experience running one, proof the city supports it and more money from it. So how can 4/5ths of the selection committee who awarded it to London in 2005 now find that Barrie's bid is better now when both competed for the 2005 gig and London won out?

What it comes down to for me is the selection committee are flat out liars if they give it to London this year. Mississauga was given the hosting gig in 2011 and we were told it was because the OHL wanted to try and use it to establish/build interest and fan base in GTA. Okay fine. If that is their reasoning, than there is zero reason why London should get it based on there is no lack of interest or fanbase in London.

Just come out and say it's all about the money.

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