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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I don't care about the Olympics. I think it's a huge money grab.

In all common sense, the IOC can get away with free labor when it was an event for amateurs. They've now ditched amateurism and have gone toward professionals in all sports, and if there are not pros that are big stars participating, they have actually sought to ditch the sport. All that said, since they now use professionals widely across most sports, I don't understand the argument they can use their labor for free other than it suits their checkbook. Ronda Rousey, now a big star in the UFC, was one of the U.S.' best ever judo participants. She won a bronze medal in 2008 in her weight class. Her own words, "I got a handshake saying thank you and a check for $10000. I thought 'it cost me a lot more than $10000 to win this medal'." And the U.S. Olympic Committee is one of the richest if not the richest Olympic committee in the world. So she left judo to do MMA and U.S. Judo wanted nothing to deal with her afterward.

$10000 to be 3rd-best in the world. If you consider the time she spent over 4 years training for it, say 25 hours a week 50 weeks a year. That's 5000 hours over 4 years, so she makes two dollars per hour to be 3rd-best in the world. And that doesn't account for her paying for coaches and facilities.

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