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03-09-2013, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
The Flyers have 9 players signed (10 but I got rid of Pronger) and 21 mil in space for 2014. Add another 12 for Bryz and Briere but now only 7 roster players signed. So 33 million. 17 million at least for Perry and Giroux (8.5 cap hit which is a conservative estimate) leaves only 16 million to sign B.Schenn, Couturier, Read, 3 defensemen, two goaltenders, and a bunch of roll players. Even if the cap goes back up to 70 mil, that will be very tight. So unless they can build a cheap defense up until then, the Flyers are going to have problems. That is not even to bring up Voracek and Simmonds would have to be moved down a line or moved to the other wing or possibly traded.
It's doable. Couturier and Schenn are not going to get insane raises. Schenn will probably be around $4 mil, Couturier will probably be around $2.5 mil. Read will probably be around $3.5-$4 mil. That's around $10.5 mil or so, leaving $5.5 million + whatever the cap shifts to at that point to sign three defenders and two goalies, so yeah it will be tight, but it is doable. You also have to figure in that other deals are likely to be made (both with unsigned players and trades). Now, if they don't buyout Bryz and Briere, it wouldn't make sense for the future. It might workout OK next year, but after that they would be screwed.

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