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03-09-2013, 11:36 AM
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I believe Perry is a pipe dream this year as he would kill our prospect base and part of our current team as a rental. We can afford his contract this year but I do not believe we can next year. I will look into our salary structure later today.

As for Gaborik I made the post the other day stating I woul trade Stoll, Williams and Drewiske for Boyle and Gaborik. These are 3 players the Rangers need for depth, Stoll would play better in their system, and Willy would replace a lot of the lost scoring punch. Having Gabby's speed pushing defense back on Kopitars line would be nasty. Think of two Carters on this team. Speed and good hands kill. Boyle takes up Stolls spot. The top 2 lines will get 40 minutes a game leaving Boyle and Fraser to mop up 10ish minutes each. They can be effective in those little minutes. Penns and Lewis have filled in rather well lately on the Philly line. With Stoll and Williams salary off the books we fan afford the extra 2.3 mil this year from Gabby and Boyle and next year Boyle can be shipped off and reaced internally at the cheap. We shed Stolls contract, upgrade Williams for the rest of this year an next with a true sniper who can play defense, keep Bernier and our prospect pool.

Iginla is very interesting if Calgary wants a rebuild. We have the young goalie, Williams and prospect it would take. However is he a huge upgrade over what Williams provides at the cost it would take? I love him and his style fits but it's costly as a rental.

Grabner is my final submission. 3 mil a year for 3 years is nice. He has speed and hands and fits on Kopitars line. He is young with growth still expected. He would cost but NYI needs a little of everything and he may be a sleeper

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