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03-09-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by OCPenguin View Post
Hockey is a game of chemistry. Just because Perry is elite, doesn't mean its a given he clicks with Crosby. We have seen this too many times in Pittsburgh.
Is that so? Please, provide examples of elite wingers not clicking in Pittsburgh. I'm dying to see the list.

But you know what we have seen? The "chemistry" of the Pens first line rendered ineffective in the playoffs because of exactly what I outlined.

Your model, trading for Perry is financially stupid and dumb for the future as well. Based on what Getzlaf got yesterday, a guy that really sucked last year; hasn't only put up two years over 80 points; 57 last year; no individual honors outside two all-star appearances, you can't imagine what Perry, who has a better resume to his credit will receive. Pittsburgh won't be able to afford to resign him. If so, Malkin or Letang is gone. The cap isn't going up, its coming down. Perry leaves, what do you have? NOTHING.
We don't know what Getzlaf's motivation was, or Perry's motivation is. Maybe Getzlaf made Anaheim pay through the teeth to entice him not to test FA, and Perry would take ~7 to play in a different situation. I'm confident the Pens would discuss the matter thoroughly beforehand.

The cap is not an overriding concern. It is going down for one year, not a steady descent, and we have disposable pieces who could be moved to make room without parting with any of the marquee names. If we get Perry and trade Orpik, Kunitz, and TK, are we a worse team? I doubt it.

I'm not a fan that wants to have four superstars surrounded by nothing more than AHL players because that is what you get under your line of thinking. It's dumb.
Except that's not what would happen.

Curious to hear what you think of Shero, considering he went so hard after Parise at 7+ mil in the off-season. He seemed to think the 1st line could use a considerable upgrade.

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