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03-09-2013, 10:49 AM
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The Sedin trade was made many years ago. The Flyers also got into the top 4 for Fedetenko. The league and draft has changed. The NHL draft used to be on par with MLB draft as a teams pick would mature in obscurity for many years after his draft year. Now with the internet, the rise of the World Juniors, NHL Network, etc., fans can follow the picks more closely as well as players leading up to the draft. The league is also younger now as prospects make it to the NHL faster and have an impact. Add all those things up and the draft is an important tool for marketing a team. A team trades out of the top spot, they will have to explain passing on Jones, Drouin, or Makinnon to their fan base where before there was little care about prospects. Conversely, one of those guys can help sell tickets so a GM will have to get something in return to sell to their fan base to justify passing on one of them. The NHL is a gate driven league. Marketing is a big part of being a GM, especially in underdeveloped markets.

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