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03-09-2013, 11:51 AM
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Didn't get to see any NCAA games, a rare weekend with no games on tv. Sucks cause North Dakota needs a win and a SCSU loss tonight in order to finish tied for 1st in the WCHA.

Michigan gets a big win in the 1st round of the playoffs, they have home ice so just need to win one more game to advance. If they don't advance their season is over and then the questions about Bennett's future will start since he can opt out and become a UFA in July. If he's going to do so, he must inform the Habs before June 1st or the loophole will be closed. Going to be very interesting as he's one of our top D prospects imo.

Not looking good for Dustin Walsh as Dartmouth has not been playing as well as they did to start the season so they picked the wrong time to struggle. Now they have to win both games against Havard or their season is toast and Walsh's NCAA career will be at an end. Will be interesting to see if the Habs are interested in signing him or not.

For Kristo, MacMillan, Didier, and Sullivan they open their playoffs next weekend. All their teams are so far in good shape to make the Frozen Four tournament (along with Cichy's team).

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Well, the Habs might want to start considering doing their own versinos of Neal for Goligoski. We need forwards...we have D's. Mind you, I'm not all set on everybody's ceiling, so while we have to find spots for them to play now, the idea is to get somebody to play for the future. I would have no problem signing Schmidt and send him in the ECHL. As he probably going to end anyway next year. As far as the other goalies in the NCAA, I,ll leave it up to you...haven't concentrated that much in the NCAA this year.
That's something I have been thinking about. Trading from strength, which would be our D prospects for some forward help if the price is right.

Did a little write up on all the D prospects in terms of trading assets,

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I would love to see the Habs take a good look at Troy Grosenick, goalie for Union. A lot of that is because he was my goaltending rival when we were kids, but he's also developed into quite a good goaltender with size and smarts (which I think is good for any player).
I like him but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't go back to the NCAA for his Senior year as his numbers are done from the big year he had last season. Someone i'd keep an eye on if im the Habs since we need more goalie prospects.

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Saw Hudon play tonight.

Everytime he hit the ice the puck was somehow ending in the Phoenix's zone. Beside one terrible turnover that gave Sherbrooke a 2v1, he was flawless. His goal came from a point shot on PP (he plays on the point on the left side and sets up Gagnon).

Pretty good performance overall from him.
Good to hear, I know he's had some trouble of late, going into the game with points in 5 of the previous 13 games which is odd for him since before that only 1 time did he go more then a game without a point when he went 0 out of 3 against the Drakkar. Other then that he had been the model of consistency with points in 33 of 37 games. So glad to hear he's playing well, going to be a lot of fun to see what he can do next year and beyond.

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