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Originally Posted by Big Poppa Puck View Post
Do we know Ponder can't go deep for sure though? We've had no one with the ability to get deep since he's been here.
Yes. That we have not had a quality deep threat has nothing to do with Ponder's weak arm. We have two seasons of Ponder on the books, very obvious he has a noodle arm that will limit him to a short-passing game offense only. It was the knock on him coming out of college and has proven completely correct.

Knowing that Frazier has hooked his wagon to the Ponder express, we need to build around his limitations. This will be a dink-and-dunk offense, we need possession WRs.

Wallace is the antithesis of a possession WR.

Originally Posted by Big Poppa Puck View Post
From the sounds of it it's gonna be Vikings vs. Dolphins for Wallace. I expect him to end up in Miami though because Ross and Ireland are the type of Owner and GM who drive around in a Brinks Truck throwing money out the window.
Let them have him. He will be overpaid. At least they have a big-armed QB that can make use of his skill. We don't.

Originally Posted by Big Poppa Puck View Post
Spielman will only pay the price is right, which is why we didn't sign Garcon last year. (Aside for that God awful Carlson contract. He must've been drunk and/or blackmailed.)
Carlson was going to be a horrible bust, that was known from the first second. I hope the Carlson signing isn't a sign of things to come.

Vikes have a ton of holes to address. Last year may give the front office a false sense of security. Other than RB and TE, we need help on every single unit.

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