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03-09-2013, 11:43 AM
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to reply those who say dallas actually doesn't need Jagr, ok they might don't, but let me ask, where was dallas last 2 years ? who leads dallas with points now?
Who said anything about Dallas not needing Jagr? You're making **** up at this point. Every single person here is a fan of Jagr and what he's done for this team. You're the only one saying otherwise, trashing the rest of the team because you're only a fan of one player.

Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
i have to admit i watched just 4 games, rest was just from recaps since most of games they played was at 5 am here..
and what i saw is a selfish guy who just go to the net no matter what
Stopped reading there. I respect your drive to watch a player you love, but you really are ignorant in this matter. People have seriously brought up multiple examples of Benn providing great passes to set Jagr up, and you conveniently ignore them just to believe in your narrative.

i take it Benn is easy to like, he can score and fight, but from what i have seen in those few games, he doesn't fit to Jagr, thats all i wanted say in first post, but then Benn defenders came in
Maybe because you have no real backing for your position except "I watched a few games and didn't like what I saw, and going to plug my ears to any evidence that goes against my opinion."

The fact that Jagr has more goals than assists speaks volumes. Benn is clueless without a puck.

Man that guy is sure clueless with the puck.

You gotta be careful trying to figure out what Jagr is saying.. i really don't think that saying they are playing at 30% is a slight at Benn. I think he is saying that their chemistry is just OKAY right now, but it could get a lot better.
Exactly, agreed completely. Some of the Jagr-only fans took this comment as an immediate opportunity to **** on another Stars players after not even watching the games. I'll be the first to agree their chemistry isn't 100%. But to act like Benn is holding Jagr back, or that their chemistry hasn't been improving, is ridiculous.

I'd like to remind you all that this quote stemmed from the King's coach saying he had no answer to the Benn-Jagr combo. But yea, they're horrible together.

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