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03-09-2013, 12:02 PM
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Do you guys think the Wild are going to be buyers or sellers?

We definitely have some big holes that we need to fill: Ideally, 1 right hand top four d, and we need a top 6, if not top 3, right handed sniper that will shoot dammit.

I'm torn on us moving Cullen. He has been playing well, but he always has that streak that gets your hopes up, then he disappears. If we could get a first for him, which I think we could, I think we should take it. Or a strong prospect I guess. He's not the true second line center that we need.

I hope we can move Butch for a second, or package him.

Are we going to trade Konopka, or just sit him 3 out of every 4 games? He takes some stupid penalties once in a while, but that's usually in games where our whole team is sucking, and he's just trying to fire them up. I don't fault him for that. He's also really good on the forcheck and faceoffs. I wouldn't mind keeping him as the 4c, but he needs to play. Better him there than Granlund... Brodziak's been alright at 4c, but I still think Konopka is the best suited for that role.

Heatley. If we can move him, I would. There are rumors of interest, and it just is not that great of a fit. If we had a faster team that could make up for his weaknesses more, then he would be a greater asset to us, unfortunately on our team he drags down whichever line he's on too much. I like the guy, but for his cap hit, and what we need now, I still think we should move on. Get what you can for him, hell, try for a first or a strong prospect, then open up that cap space, and go after a better suited player this summer.

Clutterbuck. I would entertain trade ideas on him. I sitll think his perceived value is greater than his actual value, and would cash in on it. He's an offensive black hole - can't cycle, actually a really bad shot, no hockey iq. We have enough guys who can fill this role at around the same effectiveness, and we need spots for the kids. I also don't see him aging well, and believe he has already peaked.

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