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03-09-2013, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
STILL don't understand how anyone can say that with a straight face.

09-10 -> Mueller 15GP 20PTS - $1.7M salary
10-11 -> Mueller 0GP 0PTS - $2M salary
11-12 -> Mueller 32GP 16PTS - $2M salary

The guy missed 132+ games in a little over 2 seasons and people are confused as to why he was let go?!?!

We find and sign a better player in UFA and people STILL think we should have kept him?

After a hot start, Mueller has settled into a 12 point in 25 games played season. That's with getting almost 3mins (2:49) of PP per game.

Combine THAT with the fact that he's unlikely to play a full season (at least, for the Avs anyways) they made the right decision letting him go.

IF we had signed him and he'd gotten injured the same people complaining that we let him go would be complaining that we signed him.
Who would've been complaining about the signing if it was the same deal he got in Florida and took the precautions (aka signed PAP). He may only have 12 points in Florida, but Fleishmann, their top scorer only has 17. 5th in team scoring for 1.7 million RFA is a steal. Are you really telling me that O'Reilly playing with Mitchell and Palushaj is better than him playing with Mueller?

If we didn't run 3 scoring lines and he would've looked out of place on the 3rd, that's a different story.

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