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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
Wait, do you base everything off stats? By saying that he clearly can't cut I'm referring to his inconsistent and sub-par play in that spot and didn't reference points whatsoever. Yes, he clearly can't cut it there because they've chosen to no longer use him there. "Cutting it" would entail actually keeping the spot via effective play. His puck management is horrible, he makes terrible decisions with the puck and they usually/often result in the opposition taking over possession.
While I agree with the fact that
*his puck management has been poor
*he's made terrible decisions
and these things are going to need to improve vastly if he's ever going to make it to the next level (ie: beyond a 3rd liner), whether on our team or some where else...

I would like to point out that since the beginning of the season, which ever line he's on has always had the best possession and has out-chanced his opponents, so I think you're over exaggerating the end results, like those that over exaggerate the negative effects to Buff's pinches.

If that was his floor then his play would have garnered him a further look there, yet he is now on the wing.
Noel said in a presser that he still see's Burmistrov as a C but that he wanted Antro there to try and stir some change. Random OT note: Burmi said he doesn't mind playing wing to Antro because "Antro plays all over the place." I'm not so sure I like the sounds of that.
I've noticed Noel can be very reactionary with his line changes.

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