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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Everyone in on the gravy train, Juss.

8% to a bunch of administrators basically is a lot of money. They get cities to bankrupt their coffers to build the venues and host the events. The amateur athletes get some support, but you always read about parents mortgaging their homes or working 2-3 jobs to pay for all the training. Everyone takes a cut along the way. Now that they have moved to allowing professional athletes, the leagues pay for that lifestyle obviously, but the IOC can sell TV rights in countries worldwide to support the system--- which seems to mainly benefit the bureaucrats at each step of the way.
The money the national Olympic committees pay to athletes tends to fall in favor of the more popular disciplines and the ones that require a lot of funding. E.g. The Finnish summer athletes the money goes to coaches salaries, the whole "support team" and especially training camps abroad in warmer climates. Though ironically these athletes (track and field) have been the least successful in recent years and it's been sports like shooting, archery and last year wind surfing that's brought the medals and they get very little funding from the Olympic Committee.

In general the number of "officials" or bureaucrats is alarmingly large in sports federations, so it's no wonder the money doesn't go fully in intended targets. I think in London there were more "team officials" than athletes in Finland's opening ceremony squad. But greed or money grabbing isn't to blame here.

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