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03-09-2013, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
That's pretty sharp. What do you play (competitive, rec league, or pickup)?

Question for goalies, is it considered showing off if you've got all matching gear with a nice matching mask? I know in pickup it's kind of frowned upon if you show up as a skater with all matching gear like you just got dropped off by the team bus. Do you need to have the game to back up that kind of equipment as a goalie?
I'd say the game definitely matters. It's a bit different from all-player gear because having matching pads for a goalie is more of a given, that's why it's not frowned upon. Like you said, a player showing up in all bauer looks like they came off a team-bus or are sponsored. A goalie doing it just looks like, well, a goalie.

Being a goalie, wearing fancy equipment is a double-edged sword. People expect you to be good, but on the flipside if you start to gain approval at all, you look "better" in that brand-new top-of-the-line gear. People are idiots like that sometimes.

I find that you either get OCD-type star goalies who have that nice gear because they're obsessed and need to have that gear, have studied and tried out different gear, etc. Then there's the guy who buys it all to look like they're paid or to make up for something else, and then they also don't play well in it. It's rarely an in between if they've got all new gear.

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