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03-09-2013, 01:10 PM
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There are a number of teams around the league that are not living up to expectations, and the rumors are starting to grow as to the safety of their head coaches job: Flyers, Canucks, Yotes, Buffalo (they already fired theirs), add any underperforming cap spending team.

Granted it is all speculation at this point, but we all know there will be a couple coaches who get fired this year, probably during the summer, but who knows.

Which potential coach would you be interested in?

Again, this is all speculation, but I'm tired of just *****ing about Yeo at this point.

Coaches need to coach. If they aren't doing that well, they need to go (and will in most situations). Coaches who don't win, don't have a long life expectancy on a team. We can't wait two or three more years for Yeo to maybe figure his **** out.

Personally, I would love the Wild to take a run at Laviolette if he became available. I wanted him initially, and would really like to see what his mindset could do with this team. I do not want some overly defensive-minded coach again. I know it is very important, but I would like to see a little better of a balance between offense and defence. The way Yeo coaches is very passive in the defensive end, which makes it only harder to get any offense going. I would like to see a more aggressive team.

It kills me to watch a team like the Avs. We win more games, but they are more dynamic, and I believe have greater potential once they figure out their offense and defensive balance. We have the potential to be more dynamic, but we need a different coach to do so.

Yeo does not know how to work with the parts he is given. He has only shown that he knows one way to do things, and if that does not work, he is a deer in the headlights. Then to make matters worse, he beats his head against the same wall over and over, thinking he can make it work his way. It's like a child trying to jam various sizes of circular tubes into the star hole.

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