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Originally Posted by McDunna with Fries View Post
This scale is inconsistent and nonsensical at best. You need to base it off something. If it's just performance-based, the numbers are way off. Is it performance compared to their contract? Is it performance compared to their expected performance? It seems like for some players you went with former and other players you went with the latter.

G and McD at 6 and Stralman at 7? What? Are we even watching the same games? Stralman has been good offensively at times but he's not even close to being as good as G and McD have been for us all season. Your analysis on both those players are so wrong. McD had a few bad games but overall has been really, really good. His offensive game reminds me of Stepan's earlier this season when he was getting his chances, but nothing was really going in. Girardi has been the pillar of our defense all season long. Stralman has produced way more offensively than we could have expected him to, but to say he's been better than G and McD is a joke.

Richards getting the same score as Boyle is a joke. Richards hasn't been himself or the 7m cap hit player he has to be, but Boyle has been absolutely invisible this season outside the faceoff circle.

Pyatt getting a 7 is a joke. Especially if Stepan is getting a 7 too. Pyatt was better than we imagined he'd be, but he's at best a 3rd or 4th line puck possession grinder guy that brings not much else to the table.
Very good point. This is constructive. I will add an explanation at the start. In short, it's as much the expectations on the player as much as the performance. Perhaps I should even have separate grades, one for overall performance compared with teammates and one for how the individual expectations have been met. In fact, that's exactly what I should do.

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