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03-09-2013, 02:26 PM
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Perry is nearly impossible via trade. Free Agency would be extremely difficult with our financial situation. We technically could fit him in, but the work arounds are cumbersome and we would lose a few players in the process. Depends on if Dean is willing to jump through the hoops to force him in the lineup. It would also hurt our defense as it will limit the amount of money we can spend there. What we have is what we get essentially.

Iginla is phenomenal, though I don't know if I would be comfortable giving up serious assets to get him. It is a move the Kings are in position to make though, and it is what contender's do... I just don't know if I would give up Williams++ for a year and a half of Iginla.

If you had to choose between Iginla and Perry though, the answer is hands down Perry. If it was just as a rental for this year, I might choose Iginla, but overall Perry is the superior asset and would give us one of the most dominant top 6's in the league. The problem is just money.


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